History of Valentine Gifts

When people think about Valentine's Day, some images that come to mind include flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates. Grocery stores, department stores, specialty boutiques, and even e-commerce websites all become overwhelmed by orders during this time of year. But have you ever wondered by Valentine's Day came about?

It was around in 15th Century Rome that a man named Valentine was sent to jail. He fell head-over-heels in love with the jailer's daughter. Just before he was to be executed, he sent the daughter a note that was signed "from your Valentine". The tragic story spread throughout Rome and the aura of hopeless romance surrounded his execution. He became St. Valentine. People think of him as an overseer of the annual festival wherein young men will give love letters to the object of their affection.

There is a mystery surrounding the history of Valentine's Day though, because three versions exist. The question as to why Valentine's Day is celebrated every February 14 is still in question up to this date. Whatever the case, no one can deny that this is a very special occasion for people who love each other. Ever since the occasion started, people all over the world have celebrated their love on this date. It is undeniable that it will continue to be celebrated for many more years.

Make the most of this occasion by choosing the best Valentine gifts. You have an endless array of selections. In keeping with the essence of St. Valentine, you might want to try writing your loved one a letter that tells them about your feelings and how special they are to you. End it with the famous quotation "from your Valentine." It holds deep meaning that can definitely strengthen the bond between the two of you.