Handmade Valentine Gifts for Parents

Children love creating handmade gifts for their parents. Valentine’s Day is another wonderful holiday to give children the opportunity to make something that is made one of a kind by them, for their parents. Although small kids enjoy creating gifts they make on their own, sometimes they can come across difficulties when thinking of creative ideas for each holiday. There are countless adorable crafts that can be made specifically for Valentine’s Day, including a Valentine‘s Day candy jar, heart-shaped napkin rings, and even a Valentine‘s Day notebook.

For a child to create a special candy jar, they only need a few simple supplies. The main supply needed is an empty baby food jar. They will also require candy, glue, scissors, scrap fabric, and paint for this project. First, a child can decorate the jar with Valentine’s Day themed symbols such as hearts and flowers using paint or even markers. Then they can fill the jar with their parents favorite candy treats and fasten the lid onto the jar. After cutting the fabric to the size of the jar lid, then they can proceed to glue the fabric scrap on top of the jar’s lid. This makes a lovely gift for those parents who love sweet treats.

Children can also make their parents heart-shaped napkin rings. All that is required for this project is red and pink felt and scissors. First, cut a rectangle of about one inch wide and ten inches long out of the red felt and then cut the ends of the rectangle into half-heart shapes. Next, cut a large heart shape of about two inches out of the same red felt and then a smaller one of an inch and a half out of pink felt. Afterwards, cut a vertical slit in every heart and insert the napkin ring through each piece. Then all that is left is to slide the napkin into the napkin ring and present the gift to your loved one. Mothers will especially enjoy these homemade napkin rings.

Lastly, an easy project for kid to create for their parents for Valentine’s Day is a specialized notebook. Parents can use these notebooks for writing down just about anything imaginable. Buy a simple notebook or composition book – they only cost around one dollar. Then you will need a sheet of foam paper. The foam comes in a variety of colors; kids can choose their parents favorite color and then decorate the foam with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” along with their own drawings. All that’s left to do after the decorating is to cut the foam paper to the exact size of the notebook cover and glue it on. Anyone that receives this gift will love how personalized it is.

Any gift that a child makes for their parents on Valentine’s Day will be special because they took the time and effort to make it own their own. No matter what gift children decide to create, the candy jar, the napkin rings, or even the notebook, they will have a great time creating the present and their parents will surely feel the love that their child feels for them.